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Subscription Packages

Virtual Assistant 


Suggested for REALTORS*
  • We provide phone numbers and addresses for:

    • Homeowners

    • Expired/FSBO

  • Incubation and nurturing of:

  • The leads we find​

  • Your database

  • Calendar Integration

  • Voicemail drops

  • Live time lead delivery via text and email

  • Outbound calls including:

    • Circle Dialing for Realtors

    • Cold Calling

    • Calls to your database

*Savings of up to $600/mo. for select Brokers, Teams, and Agents. 
Which package is best for my business?

VA Package - We suggest investing in our subscription VA service if you are trying to scale/grow your business.  Your VA with Level Up helps you reach your growth goals by allowing you to delegate your prospecting, database, and other outbound calls to us to create a consistent influx of new warm opportunities and follow up opportunities for your business.  Out VA Packages are best for REALTORS*


Please note** With your VA investment, our incubation (nurture) service is included.  Our incubation service was created to capture and nurture any prospect FOR YOU who says they are open to a callback at a later date so that the low priority leads never fall through the cracks again! 


Call credit packages - We suggest our call credit packages for sales reps that are more interested in event promotion and surveying.

What is the difference between a "call" and a "credit?"

With our call credit packages, Level Up considers a credit a placed phone call. 

Does Level Up provide the phone numbers/data?

Level Up provides the phone numbers and data for VA Packages.  Level Up does not provide data for call credit packages.

How long does onboarding and training take after I make my payment?

VA Packages:  It only takes Level Up 7-10 days from date of payment to have your VA on the phone making calls for you!  

How will I be notified when new opportunities are found?

You will have the option to receive email notifications, text notifications, or both.  

Do I have to sign a contract?

Level Up does not require you to sign a contract.  To create the best results with our systems, we do ask for a minimum 6 month commitment for your VA Package Investment to produce results from cold call to closed deals because that is the window of time that has yielded from a 3X all the way up to a 15X  ROI for the agents we work with!    

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